So, you are looking for a Shiba puppy? Have you checked                           

the breed out carefully? Shibas are not for everyone! They

are very independent, selfish, reserved with strangers and

can be aggressive towards other dogs. But, they are playful

little guys with funny yet BIG attitudes! And with plenty of

socialization Shibas are usually very friendly. It is best to

give your Shiba lots of opportunities to meet new people

and other animals in different situations.

A Shiba’s favorite word -if they could talk- will always be




Shibas were bred to hunt and that instinct is still very strong. You can not let

them off the leash unless it is in a secure fenced area. Once free, Shibas usually

forget their name and the sound of your voice when you try calling them back.

Shibas are very fast, agile and alert. They love to play catch me if you can.












Shibas are generally not cuddlers or lap dogs, but if it suits their mood……….

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