I guarantee when your pup leaves my home he/she is free of all communicable diseases and to the

best of my knowledge free of any health defects.

Puppies are guaranteed to be free of any congenital defects/hereditary disorders, which would be life

threatening or medically untreatable, for 1 year from date of birth.

This guarantee is for original buyer only.


Puppies will be examined and receive their 1st set of shots by my Vet between 6-7 weeks of age.

When you pick your puppy up, he/she will have a current shot and worming record, along with a signed

Vaccination Certificate from my Vet. New owners are required to take their pup to a licensed Veterinarian

within 3 days after pick-up or guarantee is null and void. If your Vet finds a health issue that would make

the pup a poor health risk or is medically untreatable-I must be notified within the 3 days. Arrangements

must be made to return the pup within 7 days from purchase date, at buyer’s expense, along with your

Vet’s signed paperwork stating the pups condition. All AKC paperwork must also accompany the pup. If,

my Vet agrees with the diagnoses either a replacement pup or a refund will be given.


Once the pup leaves my care, I have no control over his/her environment. Therefore, I cannot guarantee against

conditions which can be caused by stress or environmental changes. Such as-but not limited to-

hypoglycemia, kennel cough, common cold, allergies, coccidiosis, parasites and viral or bacterial

infections. After 3 days I cannot guarantee against parvo, distemper or coronavirus, which are all highly

contagious diseases and can be picked up by your pup anywhere.

All Vet bills and medications after the pup leaves my care are the responsibility of the buyer.


For the health of your pup new owners should continue with puppy vaccinations!


Please be selective of the places your pup visits until he/she has received all puppy vaccinations!


Your Shiba does need socialization but you have to be careful about the environment (dog parks, etc.)

you chose until your pup has had all his/her vaccinations!

AKC Guide for Puppy Vaccinations


Once again, the above mentioned diseases can be picked up by your pup anywhere.